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I agree. Check with your doctor. You can also alternate meds (for example--Ibuprofen (rx strength 3-4), then two to three hours later you can take tylenol). You can rotate these two since they are different types of meds, but talk to your doctor first. Good luck. ~~M
Here is what I have tried OTC that doesn't seem to help.......
advil, tylenol, and aleve. :rolleyes:

Prescription med that didn't work:
tylenol 3

Prescription med that worked ok but not great:
lortab (got some sleep anyway but the pain was still there)

Presciption med that works but makes me loopy:
percocet (so I don't take it at all)

Is there something else OTC that I might not be aware of that I can try? What about anything herbal? I am not much for herbal therapy but at this point in time I will give anything a try to avoid taking prescription meds.