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Hi Skylar, Marti...I don't know about these bridges etc yet (and hope i won't have to) but it does seem to me that the fancier the equiptment, the higher the price. The strictly cosmetic people always seem to charge more too. I think that people who go for cosmetic surgery (tooth or otherwise) for non medical reasons are willing to spend what ever it takes so the docs charge accordingly. But I live in Hollywoodland so there is a lot of this vanity surgery going on here, always at a high price. It might not be so bad other places. Some dentists make a very good living out of veneers and whiter teeth only.
Skylar, my surgery hasn't been bad. I had the second one today and after a week the top seems pretty healed altho i have sensitivity to cold. I need one tylenol about now but i think i will be okay tomorrow. The dentist did see some things which were unclear on the xray so that was a good thing (altho they were bad things she saw, it was good she saw them). So when you get yours in January, it is not as terrible as it sounds and your dentist might have a clearer picture of what is going on up there.
I know you have a lot of decisions to make and they seem so final so it is hard to make them. You are doing a lot of research tho and not rushing so the decision you finally make will be a good one.