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Hey Becky

My doc just recently (about a month ago) put me on 25mg of Elavil before bed in addition to my daily dosage of pain meds at first I had a lot of trouble waking up and feeling like a zombie but after about a week a started to not be as drowsy in the am and I have to say it has worked quite well for me, my doc talked to me about upping dose next month when I see him he said I will start to build tolerance in my opinion its a good trade off a little drowsiness in trade for being able to sleep without nerve pain its been night and day for me besides the groggy feeling it has really helped

BTW Shoreline I had talked with you awhile back about this about the tylenol issue with my hydrocodone doc said he didnt have a problem switching me to norco only thing is I pay out of pocket for my scripts 240 of the 5/500 only runs me $27/mo at costco the 5/325 and 10/325 both are about 5 times as much I have browsed some of the sites offering rx help and know some of the manufacturers out there also have programs If it would be ok with the Mods and I wouldnt be breaking any rules can someone please please help me out here I would really like to go to the lower dose of tylenol doc is ok with it I just have to be sure it is economical esspecially since my wife just fractured her wrist at work and is going to be out 6-8 weeks and there is a 50% chance she is looking at surgery in addition to a serious back injury she suffered in april that thanks to good ole labor and industries has not been diagnosed just chiropractic therapy 3X a week and 7.5/500 hydrocodne 8Xday I have lost a lot of mobilitiy since my injury which was at work but did not get covered by Labor and Industries have not been able to work and am having to pay out of pocket for office visits and meds luckily my doc is a cool guy and gives me a discount we have pretty much lost it all had to sign house over to parents they are using it as rental property and moved in with in mother in law so if anyone can give me advice on rx help it is really needed

So some tips would be much appreciated

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