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Ok here it is , YOur Doctor got caught prescribing too many at one time and the DEA came and questioned him. If they come back he is screwed. Once your Doctor is labled and over prescriber, he can get in alot of trouble. I got a 120 pills for the month.
And get 20/mg or 10 mg. Five is a waist of time. You also mentioned 10/325 which means 10 codine and 325 tylenol. Make sure you get the Brand name,this sounds generic to me.
What are you talking about Idio?
If a doc looses his DEA licence he can't prescribe any scheduled meds,they don't limit the quantity, the revoke his DEA number.
Endo makes the name brand 10mg Percocet that contains Oxycodone 10/325, they also make a good generic. Oxycodone is a class 11 med, Codeine and tylenol isn't even the same ballpark or the same class?

If your getting 20mg OxyIR Idio, you obviousy live in canada, that strength isn't available in the US. But I don't know if your talking about oxycodone or codeine. Things are different down here. The DEA doesn't limit prescribing, you either can or you can't. You have a valid DEA number or your don't. A non valid DEA number won't get past the pharmacy and you need a valid DEA number on any clas 11 medication and that's what she is asking.
Good luck, Dave