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You have to show I.D up here to buy them, there is still a record of every bottle sold. The codeine tablets you can get over the counter have only 8mg of codeine with tylenol and some caffeine also but not sure how much. You're limited to 1 bottle a month and only fifty pills per bottle. As per getting them across the line, that I can't answer. I'm located in Alberta, Canada.
Hi Ruth, Personally I can't see the benefit. Codeine is notoriously hard on your stomach, the amount your talking about is miniscule and you would end up taking way more tylenol than you should to reach an effetive dose of codeine. It may help slow your bowels but I can't imagine it relieving more stomach pain than it can cause.
To give you an idea of just how weak 8mgs of codeine is ,a Tylenol# 2 contains 15mgs of codeine, a Tylenol# 3 contains 30 mgs and Tylenol#4 contains 60mgs.

Every pain med has a effective dose range measured in ngs of the drug per ml of blood. Not reaching a theraputic level of any med simply creates a plecebo effect. Plecebo effects are well documented and part of every clinical trial. Often you see folks with side effects, adverse effect and reported effectivenes of Plecebos in as much as 40% of the control population. The drug itself may have the same side effects, same reported effectiveness in as little as 10-15% more than the plecebo group. Many meds still make it to market with FDA aproval with nothing more than a 15% benefit over plecebos. :confused:

I haven't read the entire bill about bringing Canadan prescription meds across the border so I couldn't say if the same 50 count applies to OTC medications,
But I would certainly weigh the benefit vs the risk of detainment with meds that are not capable of reaching a theraputic level in an adult without overdoing the apap and caffeine.

1 gram of acetaminophen three times a day is equivalent to analgesia provided by NSAID's in osteoarthritis, for example. When coadministered with amitriptyline 50 mg twice a day, the combination is as effective as acetaminophen with codiene, but does not lose effectivness as an analgesic over time as does chronic administration of narcotics.

Ruth, If you have undiagnosed or untreated stomache pain, self DXing and managing pain with OTC medications cause over 17,000 deaths per year in the US acording to the NIH and CDC

Your time and money would be better spent at a doctor or GI doc, and taking the right medecine rather than simply masking stomach pain which may be from something as serious and lethal as a gastric bleed from a simple ulcer. Stomach pain is often confused with heart pain as they both use the same nerve pathway to relay the pain signal. I self DX myself with gerds and reflux, tok OTC stomach meds for 10 months through 3 bouts of chest pain I called Gerds, the 4th bout landed me in the ER while having a heart attack that I had been dismising for hours that day as reflux. I had angio plasty and stents placed in two arteries on my 36th bday after thinking I had heart burn from dinner and taking OTC pepcid and tums.

If the cost of expensive stomach meds is a problem, you may qualify for Patient asistance programs offered by every manaufacturer, if you meet the criteria of household income and lack of prescription benefits. Also don't be afraid to ask for samples before spending 200 bucks a months supply of meds before you even know if it's effective. Nexium does nothing for my reflux and gerds That I actually have had DX'd by a doc but Aciphex works great, unfortunately a months supply of Acicphex is 200+ dollars and I simply ask for samples when I go to the doc.

It does get old explainng you can't afford meds, but Pharma reps drop off cases of meds each month at many docs offices. Samples would at least allow you to find what works before purchasing a 30 day supply of a drug that you don't even know will work. You could go through 3 or 4 different meds spending hundreds on each before finding what actually helps the most with the least side effects.

Needymeds.com is a sight to check out programs for PAP's. Moderator 1 has provided the web adresses of several sites for patient asssitance programs under the thread need help in buying meds at the top of the page.

Good luck, Dave
Yes codeine would also help the IBS-D, percocet is not codeine though as I'm sure you now. The 8mg in what we call here a "tylenol 1" in my opinion wouldn't be enough to get that benefit though and as stated already codeine is very hard on the gastro system. I have crohns and codeine is a med I have to list as an allergy not because I am actually allergic to it but because of the mess it makes of my system.
Basically, Because oxycodone is one of the more potent meds and scheduled as a class 11, Tylenol 1 or Robo with minimal codeine is very week and you wouldn't get enough codeine without causing stomach problems or from taking so many you cause liver problems or damage your kidneys, there is condition caled anelgesic nephropothy where your kidneys shut down from continued use of combination meds just like your talking about. Codeine, tylenol and caffeine were specifically mentioned in the article I read last week. THere are docs that treat IBS with opiates but they may be a little harder to find. It's unorthodox and not the standard of care for IBS.

All opiates cause constipaton as a side effect by slowing smooth muscle contractions, the contractions of your bowels that move things along. The stronger the med, the more constipation. Codeine is derived from opium and tends to have more side effcts like upset stomach than the synthetic opioids like Oxycodone or hydrocodone. But you would need to well exceed the daly and single dose limits of tylenol to reach the efectiveness of Oxycodone. 12 pills might equal 1 percocet but could land you in the ER from the tylenlol and cause permamant damge to either the Liver or kidneys. Tylenol poisoning can also cause death.

You doc may be more willing to give you a hydrocodone product like Vicodin as It's only a schedule 111 and the board of pharmacy and DEA don't get a report every week of each and every script that's written.

California will be treating hydro products the same as class 11 meds, requiring special triplicate prescriptions, no refills etc, in 2005 and the DEA wanted Hydro product rescheduled to the more controlled and monitored drugs in class 11.

I used to work with a guy from Isreal who had colitis, and he was annoyed with the american medical system, He said in Isreal they would simply prescribe tincture of opium which slows bowel contractions and is strong enough to do the job without harmful meds like tylenol and cafeine. If this med in Canada contains caffeine, doesn't that make the problem worse?

You could always try it in Canada but all I expect from codeine is stomach pain. It may be worth a try but you have to watch your tylenol intake when your only getting 8mgs of codeine a pill or you can damage your liver or kidneys. I wouldn't buy a case untill you know if it's legal and you know it helps more than it hurts.

Is there an IBS forum? Perhaps you may get the feedback your looking for there.
Good luck, Dave