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I've been over on the foot problems board because my husband fell and fractured his heel two weeks ago. He goes in Mon for a test for blood clots and if he passes then surgery on Tues. After 4-5 days in hospital he comes home to me and no weight on his foot for 3-4 months! Hard for a man who works construction, fishes and can't stand to sit in the house!

First funny(not really) tidbit....he was working in a remote location and the nearest hospital was a small town. The doc in the ER sent him home with an "I can't help you...you need a surgeon" and a prescription for an obscure anti inflammatory that our pharmacist had to look up on the computer. This is what he got for pain control and then only 1 every 6 hours!! Needless to say we didn't sleep at all night #1 and went to another doc first thing in the morning.

Second tidbit...Doctors at the big, major hospital in nearby big city where he's being seen now(no one local felt comfortable doing the surgery and these are supposed to be the best feet guys in the state...saw one of our local mlb players there) wrote him a prescription for oxycodone (no tylenol so he can take 20 a day--he's in a lot of pain) with a refill. Even I knew they couldn't write a refill. It took us four days to get a prescription mailed to us because the nurse kept insisting that someone could just call it in! I had to remind my husband that docs only get 3hrs of schooling on prescribing pain meds. Is that it Dave?

We've since found out that the ortho clinic has their own pharmacist who we can call for anything and not have to wait around for the docs because the doc admits that the 'pharmacist knows best'.

Anyway, thanks again, Dave. I've learned so much from you. Can't wait to dive into that article about acute vs chronic pain.

I get to call my doc on Monday for a refill. With my new job, hubby getting hurt and requiring round the clock care, dealing with workman's comp and the weather getting cold it feels like there's someone squeezing my lung and throat in their fist! I'm afraid to ask for an increase in meds because I'm always afraid she'll say 'let's try something completely different'. Nooooo, this works...sort of.

Thanks for listening to me vent and ramble.-Mush