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Sorry to go off in another direction, i know money is very large issue for all of us. BUT, Methadone, My PD has suggested it many times, but i have read up on it, and it is very hard to ween off of it, i have heard it takes aboout six months to get off of it and to feel normal again. ( REMINDER___just what i have heard, i am sure Shore-, can give you some very good info on it), and i have also heard it is a mirical drug for some people. If you are going to be on Opiates for the rest of your life, i guess it doesn't matter about weaning off of it.

What is your diagnosis, what happened to you and what are your symtoms?
Why are you going on to a LA, when Percs are working just fine for you? Is it because you are experiencing the ups-and-downs from the short acting, or is the tylenol an issue?

Again, sorry for going off the issue.

I hope everything works out for you (and everyone here).
Much love and respect to all for everything we do.