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Hmm Twisten, we're taking different types of OxyCodone products...but were both experiencing almost the same side effects even after we should be used to this medicine. Granted, mine got worse after a dose increase, but it was still doing this with the lower dose, just to a lesser extent. Wish I could go back to the supposedly "weaker" Hydrocodone--which other than the Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen that unfortunately goes in them--actually seemed to provide better pain relief, less side effects, and let me get some sleep at night! If this is the way OxyCodone affects some people---this hystamine response thats so bad---this isnt good choice for me, given my already bad sinuses!

I also noticed that even after the dose increase and the 3 times a day schedule, this medicine does not seem to keep my pain at bay for more than 6 hours at the most. In fact, somedays, even in the 3-4 hour frame, I am getting pain like I was when all of this started. So originally, if this kept up with the poor pain relief, I was going to ask my doctor for the Roxicodone that Shoreline had suggested(instead of the LA med) and see if that worked better than this. However, if this hystamine (if thats what it is) side effect doesnt go away as my body gets used to the new dose, I dont know if I should try anymore OxyCodone products. Bah, see thats why I hate changing meds that are working for me, this all gets too complicated. And thats not even going into how my doctors office messed up my scripts twice, so that I had to suddenly stop taking any meds that I was out of for 5 days until they got their paperwork in order! Ok, sorry for the venting, lol, hope you can understand how frustrating a "simple change" can become sometimes.

So anyways, hehe, anybody else besides me and Twisten, have these experiences when they were taking any type of OxyCodone pain products??