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My doc has just put me on 5mg of oxycodone 5 times a day. Someone else is telling me that this does not exist in this pure form without tylenol in it. My doc told me this is percocet without the tylenol in it. I looked it up on the Walgreens website and it does not mention APAP. There is one on the list of drugs with APAP and one without. Can anyone clear this up for me. It says the manufacturer is ETHEX and it comes in 5mg, 30mg and 80mg extended release form.

wirry is correct.
before,if you were rx'd oxycodone,only roxanne's roxicodone and the oxy ir were availible.now there are several generic oxycodone products without the tylenol.

i used to take generic percs which were labeled oxycodone,and they did have the apap,maybe amy read a post where someone was referring to generic oxycodone w/apap.

but amy,you mentioned the extended release products from ethex,those are generic oxycontin,not oxycodone(SA).ethex only makes a 5mg oxycodone pill.
I agree with the other post's. I currently take Oxycodone 5mg. It is made by Mallinckrodt, these are pill forms. There is no Tylenol in it. I have also taken Oxycodone made my Ethex. They are little capsules. Another good place to find out info about individual drugs is to look at the Pharmaceutical site (Mallinckrodt, Watson, etc,) They will tell you exactly what drugs that make and what is in each one.