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From what I remember, I had my achilles tendon lengthened in an outpatient setting. I was on my stomach and I had injections put right into the ankle and the foot to numb the area. ( I think that was the worst part).

Then they made an approximate 3 inch long incision there at the achilles tendon site at the back of the ankle. The made 2 "V-cuts" into the tendon which released and gave it more stretch. I wore a cast up to my knee for several weeks, and wasn't allowed to put a lot of pressure on the leg. But I was up and around after just a few days. Really not bad at all. I took tylenol for minor pain, and used a ruler to do all the scratching when the cast dried the leg out. You have to be careful once the surgery is done, because you now have a tendon that is about half the thickness it once was.
Scar tissue will form around the site which is no big deal, but watch out for little old ladies and shopping carts. ;) I hate it when someone runs into the back of that ankle, even today.

Well good luck, and the stretching will be very important once that surgery is done.