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I didn't say anything about the lose of weight I was talking about tonning of the mussels and the more womenly shape you'll have. When I was in physical therapy to try and keep the strength up in my legs I could have swore that I riase my butt bottoms by 2 inches. HA HA I thought that you'd like that one. But I do miss the weights. I still use the ankle and wrist weights but they are not the same as a machine. Well here goes, MY liver functions are bad, real bad, I went to the doctor in October and they took blood and everything was fine and now Thursday Dec16 and I'm told to stop lipitor, niaspan, tylenol, and my once every two week beer. You notice I said beer instead of beers. I'm wondering if the rebif hasn't got something to do with it, I've got 5 doses left in the frige and after them I may suspend treatment depending on what the next blood work up says. I don't know right now. I'll keep you possted on everything, just like you let's wait and see. So summer has come to ausie. What's the temp? When I was on the truck going through Arizona, and eastern California on 10 and 40 the temp would get as high as 110 to 115. It was a dry heat no moisture to it so I rather enjoyed it. I've seeen everything and done everything I alwasys wanted to do but snokling at the southern Key's of Florida and Halabit fishing in Alaska. Talk about opisite ends of the usa.
Well I"ll talk at ya later. Take care and I'm still right hear. :)
I had the decompression in 1998 for ACM I. The surgery was not as bad as I expected. Not nearly the pain that I was excpecting. The worst part was the ride home from the hospital. I lived a 1 & 1/2 hour ride from where the surgery was done. Take lots of pillows to take to pack yourself comfortably into the car for the trip home. You will feel every little bump. Of course I was sore from the surgery but no major pain, I didn't take anything stronger than Darvocet or Tylenol. Still symptom free to this day. It is so wonderful to wake up in the mornings without a headache. Good luck to you. You will feel so much better when all this is over.