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I have arthritis in my left shoulder and take Bextra, which works pretty good most of the time. Sometimes especially when its cold I have to take something stronger. I had Ultracet which helped a little but not much. I have had Tylenol 3 which worked good. Now my Orthpedic guy gave me Darvocet 100. I was hurting last night and took 2. The pain went away but I did not feel like I had beeen drugged. My wife said I should not have taken 2 but I don't think these are that strong. I always thought Darvocet was a powerful narcotic. Would I be better with the Ultracet or Tylenol 3.
Hey GRB, The reason you shouldn't take 2 darvecetN 100 is because of the amount of tylenol in each pill. 650 mgs each, so a 2 pill dose would be 1300 mgs of Tylenol and 1000mgs is the recomended max dose. If you drink at all you really have to watch your liver functions when taking apap "Tylenol"

As far as what's stronger. Ultram,Ultracet, Darvecet or Tylenol 3. or taking 2 motrin, There all about the same in every study and comparison I have seen, but everyone may respond a little differentlyto each med.

One person may respond better to ultram which is a strange med with opiate properties and SSRI properties, Codeine is codeine, and Darvon, the pain killer in Darvecet comes from the same family of opiates as methadone and levorphanol, only Darvon is 1/100th the strength of methadone.

These meds are first tier pain killers for mild to moderate pain. When studies show that 400mgs of Ibuprofin provides the same relief as any of the 3,
"T3's, Utram/ultracet/or DarvacetN100" it just comes down to what works for you.

By the way, Bextra was recently in the news too. Apearently all 3 cox11 inhibitors, Bextra, Viox and Celebrex have the same potential for harm for someone with cardio vascular disease, arterial disease or high BP. The mechanism of action of cox 11's are diuretic, they release swelling "fluids" from the injured area and are absorbed into the blood stream which raises BP.

This can cause even higher BP, risk of MI or stroke. My wife was having good succces with Bextra but her doc stopped the Bextra due to the recent black box warning regarding Bextra. Now they say it should be used for short term use only. Viox has just been around longer and we have seen more interactions and negative side effects from Viox, But all Cox 11 inhibitors work in the same way.

The only problem with blamng a med for these problems is what if the patient didn't know about their heart disease or high BP or cholesterol levels. Would thay have had a heart attack at some point anyway? It's really hard to make that direct concection to the medication without a complete cardo work up, and who does that prior to prescribing an anti inflamatory?

The class action lawyers will do ther best to argue their point. Particularly when they are the ones that truly come out ahead. 1/3 of a 200 million dollar award is a much larger chunk than the 100-300k people who joined the suite hoping to recoup some money from taking this med. The lawyers third comes off the top, then you have costs and expenses, expert testimony and lab expenses, paid depositions and gathering and copying charts.

By the time you divide the remainder among 100,000-300,000 people it's not retirement time for anyone but the lawyer. The only ones getting the Lions share are the lawyers.

You migt want to ask your doc about Bextra if you have any of the mentioned problems or family history of these problems.

There really isn't a clear answer as to which is stronger. It's more of what works best for you. I would definitely limit your Darvecet dose to 1 and a half pills 4 times a day. That way your under the 1000mgs per dose and 4000 mgs per day Tylenol guidelines.

You also have to have reasonable expectations treating chronic pain. Making the pain completely go away would be nice but isn't very realistic for most people living with chronic pain. If you get that much relief, you are way ahead of most people with CP. Even with a morphine pump I'm still trying to get to a 50% reduction in pain after 18 adjustments in 5 months.
Good luck, Dave
Thanks for the informative answer. What a lesson. I hope they don't take Bextra off the market like they did Vioxx. I am an active 51 year man and both Vioxx and Bextra help me stay active. I wish they would take in cosideration that maybe someone can take it without problems. Motrin and Alleve work good too, but they bother my stomach.
I did not realize there was that much tylenol in the Darvocet. The Dr did say to take 1 or 2 so I figured I would be OK. I will take your advice and split one up.
Thanks again....