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Hey all!

Havent been around in awhile have just been reading and not posting too much here is my update

My doc switched me from 5/500 hydros 8 per day to 10/650 hydro 4 per day less tylenol!! (Doc didnt think I was still on 5/500's) Thank God for that I am also up to 50mg of Elavil before bed I am still stuck with no answers just dealing with the radiating pain down my left leg and a lot of restless nights its been over 3 hours since I took my elavil and here I am typing away at nearly 1am somedays the vicodin does the job for the pain others it doesnt I dont understand it somedays im fine others I wanna throw myself off the nearest bridge I have been on the hydrocodone for a year now my dosage has been increased slowly I was maxed at the 5/500 and doc just switched me to 10/650 I really dont know what to do I have a very good realtionship with my doc long acting meds have been mentioned in the past but the $$ gets in the way thanks to my states workers compensation I never got a clear answer no mri just some crappy exrays that show nothing all I know is that when the pain is bad, its real bad !! As far as medication assistance I did find a program that I met criteria for that covers neurontin (which i was on before L&I decided to deny my claim) and my paxil cr doc actually took the extra time (15 min) too fill out while I was in on my last visit I know my doc is a true rarity, actually takes time to listen imagine that!

Oh BTW, I have a question for anyone that uses costco pharmacy, do they not stock any C II's ? I looked for oxycodone on their site and found nothing, Anyways just hoping for some suggestions am happy to be down to 2600 mgs of tylenol per day but at times pain relief has become a hit or miss and I am stumped and confused dont know what to do

So any suggestions would be most welcome

Have a pain free Sunday, enjoy football and easy on the potato chips!! :cool:
If you want to go down even more on the tylenol, try Norco - which is 10/325.

There are meds with no tylenol, ibuprophen etc. Oxyir is one and there is morphine, dilaudid, also demerol but it isn't used for long term pain management because it can cause seizures. There is also long acting meds with no tylenol etc., such as oxycontin, mscontin, kadian and a whole bunch more. Maybe mention these to your doc. If you're going to be in pain management for awhile the long acting meds are the best ones.