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Hi all,

I have read sooo many of the posts and the wealth of information here is wonderful.

Shoreline you have given such good information to others I was wondering if you or anyone could help me with some questioins.

I have been dealing with chronic pain from tmjd for about 8 years now and got in with a dentist in March that FINALLY took me seriously. Long story short....he understood that from years of suffering and not being treated correctly that I have now developed chronic, severe pain and that I was way past taking a tylenol and use a heating pad. Here now is my dilema. Although he has gotten me to the point of functioning again with various splints I am still having to take meds to be able to have some degree of actual pain relief. I was taking Norco 7.5/325 three times a day. I had done that since March. This past week he switched me to Vicoprofen 7.5/200 three times a day. The Vicoprofen works so much better than the Norco. I am concerned about my liver and kidneys. Between those two meds, which one is safer? I am probably talking long term here, maybe for life. I am drinking 10 bottles of water a day to flush out my kidneys and I take Milk Thistle to help detoxify the liver. The thing is on a pain scale of 1-10, with no meds I was at a 15, with Norco I was at about a 6 and with the Vicoprofen I am down to about a 2. I usually would take Ibuprofen 2 hours after taking a Norco anyway because the tylenol based meds didn't do anything for the inflammation.

I also take Skelaxin ( muscle relaxer) and Xanax and Trazadone for panic disorder. I live in a very small town and it has taken me all these years to find someone who didn't accuse me of being a drug seeker. It baffles me that dr's think a person would spend year after year , going from dr to dr, having test after test not to mention the $$$ hole we are in, just to look for a high! I understand that some do just want a high from pills, but to go to so much effort??

There is no pain clinic anywhere near me so I don't see how I could get on LA meds.

Any info...ideas...or input would be great.

Thanks for listening,
Hi Karen! I noticed some similarities in your meds to what I used to take, and just thought I would pop in my two cents for what its worth. A few months after I started taking meds for my pain, I started to have very bad bouts of anxiety. Ive been on so many different meds its hard to remember, but I think I was on the 10/500 Norco/Lortab. At the same time because I have a bad sinus condition, I was taking Sinus tablets that also had 500mg of Acetaminophen/Tylenol. Of course I didnt know at the time, but after a few months of these meds together is when I started getting bad anxiety. Long story short, it turned out that after a bloodtest, my Liver enzymes were well above normal.

So to get my Liver Enzymes back down, I was changed from the Lortab/Norco to what youre on now--the Vicoprofen, and changed my sinus meds to something that had no Tylenol. No exaggeration---within a month those bad bouts of anxiety stopped! It was a night and day difference, a common side effect of Liver problems is Anxiety! What bothered me at the time is that my doctor didnt even know this, and it wasnt until a relative asked HER doctor about it that I found that out. I told my doctor this, and thats when they really started to look at my Liver as part of the problem. So if you havent already, you might want to have a bloodtest on your Liver function to see if thats contributing to your anxiety.

And then the Vicoprofen....the one thing I didnt do with Vicoprofen that I cant believe someone didnt tell me at the time, was I didnt take much food with it. As I came to find out later on, whenever you take anything with Ibuprofen in it you should take it with a meal. I was taking it with just a few crackers or a piece of toast because it said "take with some food" on the label, but now Im in a situation where Im going to be tested for an Ulcer because of bad stomache pain Ive been having. Of course I had also been taking Aspirin daily as a blood thinner which can contribute, but only 81mg a day, so the Ibuprofen is probably the main culprit. Now my meds have been being changed again to find the proper relief with something that cannot contain any Apap/Tylenol OR Ibuprofen, and its been hard getting to that same level of pain relief I was at before. But thats another story, lol.

Just wanted to let ya know about the Liver function test in case its a similar situation to mine, and that I think youll be ok with the Vicoprofen but I would suggest taking them with a full meal, not just "some food" like I did, hehe. Take Care!
Hey thanks for the input. I have panic disorder which is where my anxiety is coming from. I have suffered anxiety problems since I was a kid. I pretty much have it under control with meds, but with the pain it is flaring.

I felt the same way.......I would rather take the ibuprofen because I have taken SO much tylenol this year I don't care if I never see another one. I like the Vicoprofen better anyway because it doesn't give me any loopey feelings. Sometimes that Norco made me feel too "buzzy." I don't like that feeling, so I don't know why people take that stuff with no pain!

Thanks for your ideas.......]