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Hey peto, fenatnyl has qualities that morphine doesn't, so some differencial withdrawal wouldn't be unusual. Febtanyl has delta receptor activity that morphne doesn't, so that's what would make you feel off.

As far as the headache,, you like had a spinal fluid a small spinal fluid leak. Spinal fluid doesn't have clotting abilitiy and that blew my first pump trial. I had the spianl heradache the entire Time I was inthe hospital doing the trial so the results were very skewed, everytime I stood upright I would vomit. Spinal headaches are pretty distinct and usually relieved by laying down. A nicked dura or a leak after cath removal or from cathg placement isn't unusual. Some docs will do blood patches to repair and some will simply have you lay flat untill the dura repairs itself and the ehadache goes away. Antoehother possibility is that morphine and everal other opiates increase inner cranaial pressure and a side effect of morphine is headaches. Simple tylenol relives the morphine headaches for me but every one is different. Tylenol wouldn't touch a spinal headache though. Dind't they put you right back on the pacth when the trial was over? 2-3 days is long enough going without fenatnanyl to cause some differencial withdrawal. It just depends on what meds your switching to and from. Some opiates are very similar and th transsision is smooth, some opiates have unique qualities only they carry and that's what causes differential withdrawal when switching away from fenatnyl or away from methadone.

Aside from a sight headache and a lttle differential withdrawal, It sounds like the trial was a success.

There are risks with the pump, spinal fluid leakage is one of the risks but usually resolves itselfon it's own or with a blood patch.

After the in pateint trial and spinal fluid leak it took me amost a year do another trial but thingshave been steadily improving. You also have access to the newest pump available. Either the synchromed 11 or the Isomed, both have med resevoirs 4 times the size of the older models. If I had waited 4 months would have a 40ml resevoir and would be able to go 4-5 months between refills of the pump, but with a 18ml resevorir I can only go 32 days between refills which is somehwhat of a bummer.

The IT morphine, if that's what was used shouldn't have made you feel out of sorts, it was more likely the loss of fenatnyl for a few days. The idea of using IT meds is they can use so little compared to an oral dose you don't have all the side effects or as severe side effects and systemic effects of opiates taken orally that have to pass through all your organs.

I went from meth to IT morphine but my previous dose of oral morphine was 600mgs a day, my present pump use is 8.6 mgs per day. quite a difference, My head is clearer,. constipation is better and I'm generally doing better than when on oral meds. It's not a cure all but is can be a great tool in the right circumstances. That's the purpose of doing a trial to assure it's something that helps.

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If it turns out morphine causes too much of a headache or doesn't deminsh like many side effects do, they can use dilaudid or any of the fentanyls', carfentanyl, affentanyl and sufentanyl. So if fentanyl works best for you it is an option for the pump.They can also add other meds like bupivicaine, Baclofin or clonodine, all of which can benefit a CP patient or act as potentiator for the opiate.
You might ant to check out the other post about pumps on the first page and there are addys for 2 articles that explain about the different meds used and why they are used. Good reading for any CP patient.
Good luck, Dave