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I went to see a new Dr. today for the pain I am haveing in my wrist dew to a severed median nerve andhe told me to just keep taking the Tylenol because he thought that it would work the best. I have been taking 4000 mg a day for about a month now. He even told me that I could take up to 6000 mg a day. Dose this sound right to anyone?
I`m not a dr but i would advise you to look for yet another one. Tylenol is not good for the liver when taken in large doses for extended length of time. Also if you take other drugs that also effect the liver like Lipitor that is used for high cholestrol. I would take the list of meds including the tylenol that you are taking plus the dosage to my druggest and ask him if he thinks this is a safe dosage. Good luck to you and hope you get some pain relief. Happy Holidays.
I agree, move onto another doc before this one kills you.Yikes!!if this doc is not aware of the possible devistating consequences of overdosing tylenol,god only knows what other information he is not aware of.I just cannot believe that any doc would recommend going above the safe limit of any medication.Please move on to a doc who actually knows medicine.this guy IS scarey.marcia
Please do not take that much tylenol!!! I have liver problems and I would not wish them on anyone. It is horrible to live with. Tylenol can damage the liver so bad. I would listen to everyone else and find a new doctor.
Yikes, please listen to everyone here and not that dr! I take Norco, hydro/tylenol daily and long term and I have been told repeatedly not to take more than 1500 DAILY since I am on it long term. What a dumb dr!

Yikes! Thats scary!! Does this doc have his or her degree on the wall?? If not I would ask to see it I was on hydrocodone 5/500 for about 11 months and was maxed at 4000mg a day I have switched to hydorcodone 10/650 only 2600mgs a day its a lot safer and the amount of time I have been on the hydro would be considered long time. I hope to switch to a LA med with no tylenol stuff isnt too safe over long periods of time.

Reminds me of the doc my wife was seeing before she got to the ortho surgeon she ruptured the scaphodial ligament in her wrist and was already taking vicodin for the pain (5/500) doc told her to go ahead and use "as much tylenol as she needed" for increased pain I read her the riot act and reminded her that with the tylenol in the vicodin what she was telling my wife to do could be toxic. She had the deer in the head lights look and said "Oh, your right."

Moral of the story
Don't be afraid to research thats what this thing im typing on is for. And always remember just becasue someone has the title Dr. in front of their last name doesnt make them a genius they very well could have graduated at the bottom of their class from timbucktoo medical school.

So beware and always be aware look out for yourself not too many other people will.

Best Wishes