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I have had the problem you are having. You actual have two problems and they are treatable. The main problem you are probably having is depression. This is not an illnes that your family doctor should be messing with. You need to see a prescibing psychiatrist. Neurontin is more of a medicine for seizures. There are much better medicines for depression but your family doctor probably can't prescibe them.

The pain problem is probably a stress headache. One of the problems with depression is that it causes your body to do strange things. One problem I have had is involuntary muscle contractions. They can cause pain all over and can also cause stress headaches. A psychiatrist will help you with that too. He will likely give you something to relax your muscles a little.

Make sure the psychiatrist you choose has a good reputation because there are some bad ones out there. In the meantime, try to relax, give yourself lots of quiet time and use pain killers and hot compresses for your headache. I like entric coated asprin best. Motrin is OK. Tylenol isn't very good for this type of headache and I find Nuprin to be worthless for anything.