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Has any type of surgery been an option??
You can't continue on this path forever.
The biggest concern with that amount of percocets is the amount of tylenol you are takng.
Your liver will pain if you continue.
I wish you luck in solving your pain problem
I think you need to start seeing a good pain management doc.they can give you many other options along with combinations of different medications that would probably offer you much better relief than you are currently getting.you can also get a version of percocet that does not contain any tylenol,its called Oxy IR,and all it is is pure oxycodone.My pain doc rxes this for my BT pain.My clinic does not like to have any of their patients taking tylenol as it can cause sooo many different problems.i really do think it is time to turn to pain management for you.I was not getting any real good relief for my pain until my doc referred me to one about ten months ago.i hope you can find some relief soo,Marcia
I was taking many pain daily to relieve my pain as well. My doctor finally put me on Mscontin and Dilaudid for bt pain. It worked good for me. We had to go up on the mscontin until it worked good and I only had to use a few dilaudid a day. I would look into this if I were you. That many percocet in one week can damage your liver from all tylenol you are taking. I have bad liver problems and I would hate to see another person end up with them.
thank you all very much for your replies. its nice to know there are others out there with the same problems. I always learn best from others who have been through the same experience. And that goes for anything. I agree though with a lot of you; way too much tylenol on the liver. You guys all mentioned different medicines and I know quite a few of them; are any of those good for ACUTE pain? Ideally, the meds seek out the pain or moreso block 'all' receptors correct? Huh, I dont know then. Maybe I need a new MRI with a different opinion to kind of judge where I am at. I know I have spondyliosis (sp) in that c4-5 now. . .correct me if I am wrong - degenerative disk. Which means what? And as far as surgery, maybe that is an option because you're right I can go on forever. That is what worries me most. I will be 70 (no offense anyone) and still have the same problem from when I was in my 20s.