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Hey All

Doc switched me to hydrocodone 10/650 4 per day from hydrocodone 5/500 8 per day to cut back tylenol I have been on hydrocodone for a year since my injury with dosage being progressivley increased it has been just over 2 weeks since the switch. Since the switch I find myself in more pain and my quality of life has decreased I have a very good relationship with my doc it is my family doc, not a pain clinic. I trust my doc completley and would like some suggestions on how to talk to him about a more effective treatment Im so frustrated with this and at the same time dont want to hurt the very good doctor patient relationship we have. (drug seekers make life hell on a lot of us and unfortunantly there are a lot of them in my neck of the woods!!)

So what do you all think, am I jumping to conclusions too fast here? Could my body just be adjusting to the new dosage or is my tolerance to the point where I really need to be on a long acting med?
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Thanks All
Hey Streetcar

Im going back on neurontin as well was on it before labor and industires decided to cut bennies I had some encouraging resaults but L and I cut the purse strings too quick found a program through the manufacturer check those out those of you paying out pocket some of them are real good was able to get paxil as soon as doc called and had it activated no wait I dont know if he will keep me on elavil just as a sleep aid or not I only take it before bed

I wouldnt mind going to a pain clinic but I live in the middle of nowhere nearest on is about 3 hours away so hopefully we can figure something out if it where up to me I would be off the hydro today any amount of tylenol is bad news over a long extened period of time