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Hi I am 33 years old and started having vertigo lack of balance, severe pressure in my head and sharp pain in the right eye with flashes of lights in November. I have suffered from Migranes fro about a year.
The episodes lasted about 6 weeks.

Then in June while bike riding and playing soccer with my children I noticed it was difficult to breath and had pain in my head,chest and left arm. I kept going and tried to forget about took some tylenol and pursued activities until the point of collapsing with tingling in my head and toes mostly on my left side, and tremors. I couldnt even smile:-( I felt so dioriented and strange with difficulty standing and walking.
I went home and was so lathargic that I slept with out rememberance. After I awoke I noticed the fatigue and lack of cordination in muscles. Also since then I cannot sleep the bright lights plague my head as does these horrid spasms. All over my body not always noticible, especially upon physical excurstion and resting at night is impossible due to the twitching. The heart is racing between 125 to 163 everyday, and my veins in my arms ar hard little knotts. The doctors cant seem to figure it out and suggest that I see a Psyc. The Psyc, thinks it is physical but is un sure either meanwhile I have days where I shake so badly I cannot walk down the stairs and the muscle controll is so weak that excerstion is rendered zero.Can any one offer suggestions?