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I have been a lurker hear on and off since symptoms of carpal tunnel forced me to quit my job as a computer operator in the air force. After almost 2 years of both my wrists getting worse, getting better, and fighting the military about it (I can not tell you how many people made fun of my problems and just said I was being weak) I am finally getting surgery on my right wrist on Monday. I have been on and off Lortab, darvon, ultram, tylenol, naprosin, vioxx, celebrex, and ibprofen for the last 2 years. My symptoms started a month or so after I got back from a tour in the desert for Operation Enduring Freedom. I mention this because I know stress makes pain worse and I know I was under a lot of stress for a long period of time. I have also (in the past month) developed tmj problems. I am 27 years old. Before all this happened I was a star troop, got all 5's on my EPR's, was working on my college degree so I could become an officer. Now all I do is lay around the house. I've been on prozac to help combat the depression that has gone along with not working. It helps a little, but doesn't do anything for pain. Lately my jaw problems have become worse than my hand problems. I feel Iike the docters won't listen to me. I don't know how to get heard. I asked my dentist for a shot of whatever they use to numb the jaw when they pull your teeth, she was just like , "it hurts that bad?" Yes!!!!! Why the heck would I be comeing there if it didnt' hurt????? I want to go back to work and get my life back. Does anyone know how hard it is to do anything without using your hands?? I cannot sleep at night anymore. Lately, because I am getting ready for surgery, I am only taking darvon and tylenol for pain. I can't hardly stand the pain anymore. I understan d the doctor doesnt want me to have a high tolerance for lortab going into surgery, because that is what he is planning on giving me after, but I don't know If i can make it thorugh this weekend. And what am I going to do after the surgery? Thanks for listeneing and letting me vent. If anyone has any suggestions I can use to get the doctors to listen about the tmj, I would really appreciate it.