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I got a root canal about a month or so ago on tooth #31. Before the root canal, I had no pain near or on that tooth. Nothing. The tooth NEVER bothered me even though it was extremely infected. This surprised my dentist and others because my tooth was in fairly bad shape. After the root canal I still had no pain. I considered myself blessed because I've read some horror stories about toothaches.

Now, a month or so later, intense pain appears out of nowhere. It happened about four days ago, and I just assumed it was just annoyed by something so I was going to try and ride it out. Well, the pain is more intense now and isn't getting any better. What do you think the problem is? My dentist isn't open on Fridays, so the earliest I could call him would be Monday morning. The pain is, at times, unbearable, but I would not rule it an emergency and call him at home.

Does anyone know of any home remedies that I could use? Or does anyone know what could possibly be wrong? I know that my tooth should not hurt after a root canal, but it does. I don't even have to touch it in order for it to hurt. I can feel it throbbing now. I can't eat on that side of my mouth, and even when I smile I can feel pain from pressure being put onto the tooth.

I've taken many medicines... Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, and nothing seems to worh. I've even taken things to numb my gums and the tooth, but it's only temporary.