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I was recently given a prescription for 50 mg tablets Ultram (Tramadol), "Take 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hours in the evening," for chronic pain in my left foot. I have only taken one 50 mg pill so far to try the med, and about 2 hours after taking the Ultram, I felt nauseous. Maybe the nausea had something to do with taking the Ultram when I had not gotten much sleep. I'm almost afraid to try taking it again because of that nauseating feeling.

Is nausea a common side affect of Ultram?

How strong of a pain killer is Ultram...do doctors usually prescribe it for moderate pain or for major pain? My pain has been such that tylenol does not alleviate the pain and Bextra (anti-inflammatory med) has not helped alleviate the pain.

Does anyone know if Ultram can be taken with Bextra?

Thank you so much for any info. I am sick and tired of having pain in my foot every day :mad: ...I want this pain to end.
Hi sea lover, Ultram is pretty much the first med thdocs try on chronic pain. It's not a tue opiate but it has opiate properties, It also effects serritonin levels the wat SSRI's do but isn't clasified as an antidepressant. Hwever it ca cause physical dependnec if you took it around the clock for months.

It has a max daily dose of 400mgs a day or may cause a seizure. Some folks get good pain relief from ultram, some folks get nadda. To me it's i the strenght group of tylenol 3, darvecet and motrin. Any of the 3 will work for mild to moderate pain.

Nausea is a side effect of all real opiates, but the opiate receptor ea ctivity it does create may be what causes Ultam to cause nausea. Like with any med, that sdide effect usually deminshes. Mororphine is very edating and causes nausea too, but after a ferw weeks it's so dsedating and doesn't cause as much nausea but you still get the same level of pain releief. Most bothersome sde effects deminsih as you become used to the med. The only opiate side efffetc that doesn't get better is constipation. You are at the point where your playing ginea pig and may try many drugs , Elevill works for some nerve pain, so the idea is why start with a med that they know causes physical dependence and one that draws attn to their prescribing if something milder will work. Basically why use oxycontin if ultram or darvacet works.

Most docs use a titration plan with Ultram too, you don't just start at the max dose. I would start at 1 pill at night for a week, then go to 2 pills and continue on like that untill you have reached the dose he wants you to be at. You also need to step down the same way to ensure you don't experience withdrawal from ultram.

Good luck, Dave