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I hate to bug you again, but quite frankly you are much more willing to help than is a pharmacist!!!

Went to my pcp today for a wretched headache. My dentist office was closed today..........

She decided to try me on Soma. She suggested that I find a different long term muslce relaxer and had no problem making the switch for me. I haven't gone to her that long and although she knows I am being treated for severe pain by my dentist, I never discussed new meds with her because of being treated bad previously by dr's.

Anyway, she also told me about a Soma/codeine/aspirin combo that she said works really well. She said it would be good for a "bad" day, but not a long term med.

I couldn't get the combo med today ( pharmacy won't have it in til tomorrow ) but I took the plain soma as soon as I got home. What a difference,

Here is my question........my dr confused me..........I am taking the Norco 7.5/325 4 times a day. Now, with the Soma combo, I can't take that on the days I take hydro, right? I don't know if the hydro and codeine mix and I don't know if the aspirin and tylenol mix. She ran off a list of do' s and don'ts but it was too quick. I just thought to myself I will just check with Shore before I take it....hahahah :)

If I pick it up late tomorrow and obviously I will have already taken the Norco, I should wait til the next day to take the codeine/aspirin, right? I really like the soma and I feel silly I haven't asked her about medsn before.

I have not had relilef from this muscular headache like this since a few years ago when I was given some Valium for short term.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort......
Hey Karen, IMO Soma is the next best thing to Valim, adding a little aspitrin and codeiner will not interfere wih th pain meciciations, It's just like mixing your base med and your BT med, dalthough codeine isn't a powerful med, it's in the same family of opiates as morphine r heroine or cofeine, Soa synyhetic like ZNorco is goinf to overlap some of the more common opiate receptors and the codeine will avtivate pate receptors Hydro doesn't. The only thinh to be conncerned abou is if your taking another NSD and combining it with apsirin. They both thin your blood amd can cause gastric bleeds when taken together, that is aspirin and any oher anti inflamatory.

I do hope this is the right combo. 've taken soma for 6 years now and never increased the dose and find it's as effective as always. Of course we all react differently but it's my med of choice for spasm and the plus part of the soma is just an added bonus.
No read to to worry about taking them together

No need not to take them together other than if your taking another anti inflamatory. Like bextra, celebrex, IBU or Aleive then you may end up putting a hurtin on your tummy. This is where it's mportant to list any OTC meds you may take that may interact with prescribed meds. But I don't see a mjor problem.
Take care, Dave

PS you can take Norco and soma plus together since norco has tylenol and soma plus has aspirin. The only thing that would cause a problem is another anti inflamatory like the NSAIDS or other meds that have an aspirin product in them .
Lrd I realy need to stop rushing and start proof reading. THe amount of codeine is less than half of that in a tylenol 3, so it's just a small added benefit, like adding aspirin to the mix. Why a doc would think 16 mgs of codeine is going to make a huge differnce is beyond me. Obviously aspirin can cause GI problems so just be aware of it , if you sytart having heart burn, you really wouldn't be loosing much by switchiung to regular soma as a muscle relaxer.
Take care, Dave