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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer 4 years ago at age 37. I had a complete hysterectomy and 6 months of intense chemotherapy. Several of the chemo drugs of which I can't remember the names, had side effects of peripheral neuropathy. And I got it bad in my feet. My feet feel like they are frozen and like they have frost-bite. It's a very painful experience. It gets worse at night and I have to wear special shoes and very cushy socks because my feet hurt so bad.

I was getting Vicoden ES from my gyne-oncologist for about 2 years and then all of a sudden he said he didn't feel comfortable giving me the Vicoden. He said to go to a Pain Clinic. Well, I've been there before and they want to prescribe neurontin which is a seizure medication and other pills that are not pain relievers. I can understand that the Vicoden ES has a lot of tylenol in it - but I've heard that Norco has less tylenol. I had to beg my doctor to give my 60 Vicoden ES and then he gives me 60 Vicoden 5/500. I believe that I have every right to take pain pills for this excruiating pain in my feet. It's not like I can not use my feet - I use my feet everyday!

I will probably switch to a pain clinic and just tell her that I'm here for pain meds - not anything else.

Does anyone have any advice for me as to how to word my conversation with my doctors so that they dont' think that I'm scamming them into prescribing me Vicoden. Because I'm not - I am in pain pain pain. Pleae help!