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Hey Dave,
I picked up the soma+ yesterday and the pharmacist told me to be careful it is very strong. So naturally I was afraid to take it because by this time I had already had 2 doses of hydro. How long should I wait to take the soma+ after taking the Norco. I guess the biggest waiting factor is the tylenol/aspirin combo????

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I just didn't know if an hour is too close together with the aspirin in one and the tylenol in the other............

Thanks for all your help.......we are getting 18" of snow here, so if it cold cocks me it doesn't matter!

I take it you get the soma without the help of insurance? I paid $7 for 120 pills. Man, that stuff will kill ya without ins! Do you get all your paid meds out of pocket? I used to gripe because we pay right at $600 a month for medical/dental/vision......I have learned to shut my mouth because it DOES come in handy!

Take care Dave, and I wish you a pain free Christmas,