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Sorry if this question has been asked before but I've only recently heard of Norco. Is this a new drug? Is there a generic brand and if so, what is the name? From what I've read, it's basically Vicoden with less Tylenol, right? So if the hydro amount is the same, why take Vicoden with more tylenol and risk serious liver damage? I'm going to ask my dr about Norco. What is the Norco equivalent of Vicoden 5/500 or Vicoden 7.5/750? Or how about other hydro meds? Does anyone have an opinion on which hydro works best for them? I want to go to my doctor with as much information as I can - he is my family doctor. He may just have me go to the pain clinic which is fine too.

Also, when reading thru these posts, I've come across certain things I don't understand. Like what is LA? What is APAP? Are there any other slang words that I might not understand that you all could help me with?
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I use costco pharmacy and costco carries a generic norco (5/325) all of the norco brands of vicodin have 325mg of APAP or acetametophine in basic terms tylenol. LA is a long acting med (oxycontin, mscontin, oxycodone and many others) I personally have been on vicodin for a year my dosage has been gradually increased as I have developed a tolerance my highest dose was 5/500 8 per day I recently switched to 10/650 4 per day for less tylenol, the reason dr's will prescribe the hydro with more tylenol are either that it is for short term use or that the generic 5/500 and others with more tylenol are less exspensive for those of us that are paying out of pocket, you mentioned in another thread you have been taking vicodin for two years, what dosage are you taking and how often? After two years your tolerance level may be at the point where you may want to ask about a long acting med I know im at the point where I basically live in two to three hour time increments. As far as neurontin goes have you given it a fair shake? I know it works well for me. I also read your other thread about your family doc Im surprised your family doc has been prescribing for two years and has just decided not to care for you anymore, I would make sure to ask him to atleast help with meds until you find someone to continue care a lot of doctors just dont care good luck with the pain clinic but please listen to everyone who tells you not to go in and just tell them you want meds they will label you a drug seeker and that will get you nowhere tell them what has worked what hasnt and try to be openminded I know being in pain sucks and dealing with people who control your well being who are unsypathetic or who have never been in pain themselves can be real discouraging.

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I could not have said it better Tuna

Norco does put out a med with a higher does of hydro (10/325). I was on that for a while. Then I had developed a tolerance to hydro after being on it for a year. My doc wanted me off the tylenol. There is no med that is just pure hydro - but you can get one made at a compounding pharmacy. They have to put a little tylenol in it though, but you can get say : hydro 15 tylenol 50. You will pay a lot more for the compounded med. Perhaps it is time to switch to a different opiate without the tylenol in it. Have you had your liver checked? 2 years is a long time to be taking tylenol daily. I hope things go well for you.

APAP is another word for tylenol.Marcia
As far as me and my friend Vic, I was initally prescribed Vic ES and took about 4 or 5 a day. I usually broke them in half and took the second half within the hour of the first half. And it was like a constant stream of relief. I took them every 4 hours or so. When my dr refilled this last rx, he gave me Vic 5/500 and that screwed up my whole stream of relief! Now I take about 6 or 7 of the Vic 5/500. I definitely don't break them in half and I'm taking more. Tolerance I'm sure!

And btw, I do get blood work done for my liver about every 3 months - along with blood work for my cancer. So far so good. But I'm learning more about the danger of tylenol and the possibility of liver damage so that is why I'm asking for info on Norco. It just seems a logical alternative to Vicoden.

Maybe I do need an LA drug but I get so scared of trying new drugs because I don't want to try something that may make me feel anxious or strange. I am so sensitive to drugs - especially ones that make my heart race. I tried Oxycontin or Oxycodone (I forgot which one) and it was awful, I couldn't get past the yucky feeling enough to see if it would work on my pain. And by yucky, I can't remember the exact feeling but I do remember that I didn't like the way I felt.

Anyway, it's now officially Christmas Eve and I still have gifts to wrap. This is a very cool message board and I appreciate everyone taking time to help. Merry Christmas!