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Murphy...you poor soul. You really do have the extreme case here. I hate that you have had to suffer so at the hands of the great and ignorant. We have to remember that medicine, even at it's best and most high tech, is not an exact science and docs are not the almighty. However, we pay them enough, they should be!!! My situation has not been as harrowing as yours, yet it has been very similar. The cranial nerves are a very complex and a close talking bunch. It is hard to tell which the pain originates from but, it is very obvious where all the pain messages surface. I have bought anatomical charts of the nerves and books and studied all I could understand. Emedicine.com is cool because you can right click on words and a handy dandy glossary pops up and gives you a definition. I've found some other online med glossaries that are very good too. Sometimes even with that it is still difficult to understand and follow all. I just know that the glosso and vagus nerves are the main affected ones in my case and that's enough! I have had the MRI's of head, neck and abdomen, CT's of the same areas and ultrasounds too. Nothing, except for a slight buldge at the C5 vertebra and that does cause pain thru the neck and shoulder and I also have the carpal tunnel crap starting on the right side. Seems all my ailments are right-sided. And like you, fibromyalgia was one of the first diagnosis from the first neuro I saw. I got really upset with him and argued his opinion and he basically told me that he was the one with 12yrs. of education and degrees, not me. I just knew that was not right either. I got to the point that I was finally willing to try the Xanax the primary doc keep wanting to give me. He didn't know what else to do. That worked for keeping me from totally panicking but I was very careful with it for fear of becoming too dependant on it. Then the docs get worried and don't want to give you any more. I have a few left I keep on hand just in case the throat really starts to spasm. That was the scariest part besides the misery of the constant throbbing pain in the ear and throat and the vibrating feeling down into my gut. I can really understand the fact that the people that suffer most severely from facial neuralgias wish to or try to commit suicide. My life has changed dramatically in the last 4-5 years as a result of this pain. I do not talk to anyone anymore that I don't have to talk to. It's hard not to whine about my misery and I know that no one wants to hear it. They can't help anyway. I'm just not good company or any fun any more. I really had big dreams and plans of all the things I'd like to do when I reached this age and point in my life. I'm still trying to be patient and hopeful that this will get better and I'll be able to enjoy life. My husband took off work today to go on a school field trip with our daughter. I used to do all that stuff with the kids and volenteer for school functions but, not these days. I do good to make their sports games. I know that everyone thinks I'm a whimp cuz I can't handle the pain. My husband has chronic back pain and injuries he suffers from but he does'nt let it stop him very often. He will not even take Tylenol for pain. He refuses all pain meds because he does'nt want to become a druggie. And does'nt want the surgery to try and help him, I don't blame him, cuz it's a 50/50 thing, might help, might make him worse. Well you can imagine how this makes me feel and what I look like to the inlaws and his friends. I just avoid them all and try not to imagine what they must say or think. It does'nt matter anyway.
Sorry, I've whined too much, I know. It's not as bad as it could be and I am thankful for that. I figure if it gets really bad enough that I want to die, I'll just become a poppy farmer and grow my own pain meds! Ha!