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I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache. I went to the hospital and they just gave me Tylenol and sent me home. The headache had actually started to subside while I was at the hospital, before the Tylenol, and I'm sure the Tylenol helped. What I'm concerned about is now I'm feeling a sense of "pressure" in my head. Not much, actually it's pretty mild, but it's there. I'm also very fatigued and having trouble concentrating. What's more, my eyes seem to be having trouble focusing, and I'm a bit nauseous. I guess what I'm asking is can the pain from an aneurysm related headache go away on it's own or not? I know I have severe anxiety, and that's probably what this is. But it would just help to know for sure. Thanks.
Sounds like you have a bad migrane. Sorry you are felling so poorly. If an aneursym bursts, your headache would not subside with or without tylenol. I am assuming that they did a full neuro check on you at the hx?
Nope. HX here is terrible. Looked at me, gave me Tylenol, and sent me off.