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Quote from Fallen2love:
My dad accually takes clonazepam and is addicted to it. hmmm.

I'm accually worried about the future effects of zoloft, since it does seem to be a fairly "new" drug. I don't want my future children to be affected, etc. I guess sometimes I just feel "guilty" for taking it. I guess he just has to get over it...because it hleps me greatly. haha.

Yeah, I worry about the future effects of these meds too. A lot of them really are new, and cross-generation studies really haven't been done, which is scary.

Does your dad take a large dose of clonazepam? Does he take it for sleep or for some other reason? I really am nervous about filling that prescription... but I also don't want to become addicted to tylenol PM and don't feel like I should have to take that every night (my parents still think that's a better choice than taking clonazepam...) Sorry for the off-topic questions!