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My primary complaint is upper left chest pain and upper left back pain. Mostly a dull aching pain a 1-3 scale during the day. It can go to a 7-8 at any point with unknown triggers. Also occasional lower left rib pain? and right side under arm and right side back pain. Mostly occasional and so far on those symtoms have not been severe. I have had this going on since Jun 28th 2003. No previous medical history, never even a broken bone. I have had a kidney stone once in college. No known family history. Currently meds taken are nexium 40mg 2x a day, xanax .25mg 2x a day, and occassional tylenol, darvacet (usually don't provide any or slight pain relief) Mostly it is just an uncomfortable feeling not intense pain. General Fatigue is also a symptom.