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I'm not new to this health board, but have a couple of questions that I'm not sure where to post.
I've jumped around the board this morning and "Kamden" seems to have a lot of experience and answers. I hope he sees this post.
I am a life long sufferer of TMJD. That's where I usually hang out on this board. I am 50, I have had multiple surgeries for this problem. All caused more problems.
I'm pretty much an expert on the physical aspects of this disease, but have questions regarding the mental or emotional aspects of chronic head, neck, back & facial pain. Surgically induced trigeminal neuralgia and other damage. TMJD induced Tinnitus. Constant muscle spasms and the list goes on. I've pretty much been a wreck for about the last 10 years.

I can find most of the information I need on the web or on health boards, but one problem that comes and goes is a mystery. I caught a glimpse of it in the sleep disorder forum.

My question is, do you know anything about "brain zaps"
or hearing loud noises just as you are waking up?
I do not have them frequently, but I can't find much about this problem. I did see one brief article that said TMJD can cause it. I have on occasion had some other symtoms that might resemble sleep paralysis, but not to the extent that these other folks have.

I am not a candidate for any more surgeries. I see a massage therapist, do relaxation exercises, use splint therapy and am in "pain management" at the moment. I try not to take meds for too long without a break.

My next question is, could Tylenol #3 and/or Klonopin cause the "zaps"? That's what I'm taking now. Very low dosage.

I don't suffer from lot of anxiety, I've kind of learned to live with this "monster", but the "zaps"
do scare me a little.

I hope I have not posted in the wrong place and would appreciate any help.

Cymy Sue