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I've been a chronic pain patient for several years and have had antibiotic and food allergies for many more. What really concerns me is that since I had surgery (about a month ago) I can no longer take Tylenol # 3 or hydrocodone with Tylenol for pain, though I was prescribed Tylenol #3 for over a year before this without incident. Now, whenever I take Tylenol #3 or hydrocodone, I break out in hives (I now also break out in hives without taking codeine-based meds, as well, but that is another story...)

My doctor suggested using Darvocet but it doesn't touch the pain levels I am experiencing. Do any of you know of any other Schedule III opiate -Tylenol combinations that I could try which DON'T contain codeine or a related synthetic codeine? Anything with aspirin also triggers an allergic reaction, unfortunately. My doctor would be reluctant to prescibe a more restricted, Schedule II, controlled substance, I'm sure.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Perhaps ultracet may be an option for you. Ultracet is a combo of tramadol and tylenol and is schedule IV. Tramadol is not technically a narcotic, but it is a fully synthetic drug, (as opposed to the semi-synthetic codeine and hydrocodone you have been having trouble with), that has properties of both opiates/opioids and benzos (like xanax). It can still be addictive and can cause seizures in very high doses, but is otherwise supposed to be a safe and effective painkiller, although I have never personally tried it. It is also available without tylenol (ultram). Ask your doc if this may be a possibility considering your previous allergies. good luck.