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thank-you for posting your stories. After sticking them under my husbands nose to read, and telling him see I am not crazy, now I am in tears, I am so relieved to find some kind of lead to my pain. I am 38 and have parkinsons and rheumatoid arthritis, and alot of other medical problems, some unexplained.
I can know take some information to my neurologist, I haven't seen him in awhile and I have avoided other Drs. because they find me interesting until they can't figure me out.
A few years ago I took a fall and had a cervical sprain, I have fell on it a few times since and over the years after showing it to my neurologist who didn't seem interested, I just got used to keeping my neck warm in the winter and dealing with it. I am on so many pills the last thing I wanted was more, muscle relaxers make me loopy and in pain, and I have weird reactions to medication- anyway for the past 6 months things ahve been stressful, I can feel my neck and shoulders swelling up, but then I started waking up from a sound sleep screaming in pain. it feels like a rubberband is wound tight around my head and a burning sensation, along with my hair actually hurting, my husband got annoyed and I just could not make hime understand how bad the pain was, I would stick my head in water-take 3 tylenol, 2 cups of coffee and fall back asleep, sometimes I would wake up 2-3 times in 6 hours, one night he had to get up early for work and I was trying to be quiet, barely able to see straight- and I woke him, I was in agony, he was angry, so while I stood with my head under the water waiting for my coffee, I just couldn't take it anymore, I actually shaved my hair off- I DO NOT recommend it but I could not believe how great I felt, my family was so mad at me, they thought I was a lunatic- maybe I am- but my pain is REAL!!!!!!!! Thank-you so much
Hello All,

I have found some relief knowing that so many others suffer from similar sensations. I am; however, sorry that you all are going through this. I've suffered from anxiety/panic disorder/depression for about 5-6 years now. About a month and a half ago I had a panic attack and hyperventilated myself into the ER. Since then I've had severe anxiety brought on by panic disorder (disorder in which your body anticipates panic creating anxiety about panicking).

About three weeks ago I got a headache that last two days, it wasn't particularly severe, it felt like a tension headache (I get these a lot around PMS, or before or after my period). I didn't have any ibuprofen, so I took Tylenol instead. Didn't help a bit. It finally went away when I got some ibuprofen. The only weird part about the headache were these small (not very severe) shooting pains on the left side of my head. Since then they haven't gone away. They have lessened in severity and occurrence, but are now accompanied by this bizarre tingling and itchiness of my scalp. The pains are primarily on the left side, but have also occurred on the right. The tingling; however, is ONLY on the left side. During my two-day long headache I was rather anxious, because I've never had a headache last that long, and having health-related anxiety, I automatically began panicking that it was a tumor/aneurysm/whatever.

I'm not medicated, don't care to be, and am going through cognitive-behavioral therapy with a psychologist. He has assured me that anxiety/stress can cause some of the scariest and most bizarre physical symptoms. I am a graphic designer, and spend hours everyday in front of a computer, I also have terrible neck, jaw and upper back pain...I've had this since I can remember. I have wisdom teeth moving in, which will need to be removed soon.

I am 22 years old, and otherwise quite healthy, according to my doctors. I have a good pulse, and my blood pressure is generally between 96/52 and 108/67...pretty low, but they say it's healthy. I really do believe that anxiety and constant tension of the body can cause horrible physical symptoms, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause of a lot of your complaints.

I figure, if I'm able to enjoy a small amount of things still, and I'm not dead yet, that there's no sense in letting myself fall into a deep depression about it. Yes, it sucks, but it's your life and you can't let these things control it. Try distracting yourself, try coming to terms with the sensations, and maybe it'll improve. I truly feel for you guys. I've had panic/anxiety so badly before that I was afraid to take showers because I thought I would drown/suffocate. I couldn't leave my apartment to even go get the mail because I was so afraid (of what, I have no idea). IBS is a common symptom among anxiety sufferers, so if that has any connection to the sensations of the scalp (as stated in one of your posts), it would not surprise me, again, if anxiety is the root cause. Luckily, there is medication-free treatment. I would look into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It's helped me immensely.