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Basically, here are my issues. (aka, symptoms)

1. Headaches after exercize in the lower back (of my head), near my spine, radiating towards my ears.

2. Headaches that come on suddenly for no apparent reason, same region.

3. Headaches in the same region from bending forward, or back too much.

4. Some headaches accompanied by loss of feeling in right side: usually starts in my right hand, near the thumb, radiates ******d slowly to my whole hand, then my cheek, followed slowly by my lips, gums, and tongue, solely on the right side, never on the left.

5. Headaches that last upwards of 3 hours with no relief from any pills (motrin, asprin, tylenol, otc migrain, etc)

6. Steady throbbing in my head near the back again, if I move too quickly, stand up too fast, etc.

These symptoms sometimes happen once a week, or sometimes, only once evrey few months, and they have been going on for about 4 years on and off.

Here's some background info on my mom.

Last September, my mother (after years of misdiagnosed problems) was diagnosed with a Arnold Chiari Malformation (I don't recall if it was type 1 or 2), and had to have surgery. Her symptoms that I remember (I don't live near her or see her often, so it was all just second hand info that I got at the time) were bad back pains, being unble to lift anything heavy, being unable to do anything strenuous without having horrid headaches.

Her issues didn't become a problem until about 3 years ago, when all the misdiagnosed theories came about. However, I do recall that she's always had headache and back ache problems.

Yes, the symptoms alone suggest I should be in seeing a doctor, but lack of funds, and lack of insurance really limits what I can do. No, we don't qualify for state insurance anymore.

I just want some oppinions on what it might be, or pointers to a website that might be helpful in finding something myself. I've had very little luck finding good sites that can tell me anything about my symptoms, if they are related, or not, if it's something simple like lacking enough of a vitamin, etc.

So, without trying to beg, any info anyone could share would be helpful.