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Sorry I haven't written back. I talked to my GP about going to the PM doc. She basically thinks I am too young and that I should wait and see how I feel after finishing the antibotics for lyme. She says people usually feel worse shortly after starting therapy than they did in the beginning. I don't know. I didn't feel like pressing her, because, mainly from what I've read, I guess they won't consider someone like me for the stronger stuff because of my age. I'm looking for a doc now who knows a lot about lyme disease. The more I research it and compare it to FM and arthritis, really all my symptoms point to chronic lyme infection. I've looked back at my med. records and even the doctor I went to at the time for the original bite described it as a bull-eye rash. I don't know why he didn't prescribe anti-botics for me at the time. I mean, a person doesn't go to a doctor about a bug-bite unless it is really bad, right?? Sorry. I guess I am just really scared to push going to the PM doctor because that means it is chronic and maybe I won't get better. It makes me upset to think about it too much.

Somedays I think, I don't care about addiction, I want real pain med., not tylenol and ibprofen and muscle relaxers. I used to smoke cigarettes, I know what addiction feels like, I know it sucks, and I also know when it is time, you CAN quit. I am tired of feeling like I am a bad person just because the medical profession can't figure out for sure what is wrong with my body. I have 2 college degrees, I was working on a third. I even considered taking a few extra science classes, so I could apply to medical school to figure out what is wrong with me myself. I used to be in the top of my class. But then other days, like today, I just feel depressed. I don't know. Maybe it is the lyme, maybe it is affecting my brain. I guess in the past people used to end up in mental hospitals because of it.

Thanks again for sharing your information. I promised my GP that I'd wait a few more weeks. It is very comforting to know that he is out there, though, and if I have to, he will help.

I've got an appointment scheduled with one that's associated with the doctor that did my ca***l tunnel release. Unfortunately it is not until Feb. I haven't heard much about him, his name is Dr. Romea. I know his predecessor, Dr. Codding, was recommended, esp. for fibromyalgia, so I have good hopes about him. I've also got an appointment with the TMJ "craniofacial pain" people (what exactly that includes I don't know) but that is this Wednesday. I actually came on the board today to figure out what pain med I should maybe suggest trying. The soma+tylenol+ibprofen combo relieves the pain from a level 10 to a 3, but it is tearing up my stomach. I can't keep on this combination. I have been on hydrocodone/APAP stuff before, they work to a certain degree, but I don't exactly like the "brain fuzziness" or whatever it is, nor the grumpiness. Would the next level up from hydro be oxycontin? I'm a little scared of that just from all the mis-information out there. Oh, and I'm still taking the Doxy (antibotic). just waiting for something to work. I'll keep you posted.