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since I posted about my stomach upset with the soma it got so intense that I had to quit taking it. My Dad, who takes valium for his back, had given me a few to try and see what I got with those. I took 2.5mgs twice a day and they did the same thing......

I went to the dentist today and I just like to check in and get your opinion Shore............

He took me off the soma all together and put me back on the skelaxin saying that......muscle relaxers such as the soma and valium do cause terrible indigestion for some people because they slow the emptying of the stomach and they can cause the sphincter in the esophagus to remain open since it is so relaxed causing excessive backwash of stomach acid. He said for now to up my skelaxin to 800mgs 4 times a day and then he switched me to Norco 10 4/day.

Here is something else I noticed if you'd like to explain............ on a bad pain day I would take 2 7.5 Norcos at a time.........I hated the "side effect" but with the Norco 10..........it really enhances the pain relief with a much smoother effect instead of that intense "buzz" I hate that awful, sick, heady feeling. But the Norco 10 doesn't seem to be that way.

Benefit the dentist said was this........2 7.5's = 650 of apap 1 10mg=325 of apap esentially too..........I was taking 7.5 6day with a total of 2275 apap
and now can get the higher hydro with taking 10 4/day =1300apap.
The pharm commented on "smart dentist". He said chronic pain sufferers just don't get lucky with smart dr's. He said the scripts he sees are mostly for hydro/apap with the apap at 500mg per tab. He said most dr's write take 2 every 4 hours which can lead to toxic levels daily. He also told me that alot of dr's write for the cheeper meds........not Norco and Norco is much better since it is lower in the apap especially if taken over long periods for chronic pain.

That being said.........my dentist feels that managing the pain ( and it is pretty good now ) with SA meds and the low dose tylenol but higher dose hydro will be ok. He is very careful about the tylenol and figures it up but doesn't seem to worry about the hydro. I hope I am barking up the right tree with him. What is your take on the short acting meds for someone like me who just isn't ready to make that next step?

Thanks for all your time and effort you put into the board.