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My pain is from periperal neuropathy caused by unknown reasons. The pain seems to come and go in cycles. I have times where the pain is bearly there and then for no apparent reason a day later it is all I can do to put weight on my feet. Last week, monday through bedtime thursday I felt fantastic. Hardly any pain. Then when I woke up friday morning it was raging at about a level 9. It seems to be toning down a little yesterday and today. I have never norrowed down anything that makes it better or worse. When it goes away I feel fantastic. When it flares up I can hardle stand it. I end up taking two Advil, two Tylenol, two Alieve and an additional prescription pill before the edge is knocked off. I'm afraid what the Advil, Tylenol and Alieve are doing to me. If it weren't for the needs of my family I would have tried to get a medical retirement years ago. It definately affects my work. But thank God I have an understanding empolyer.