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I don't really understand why he made this leap from 3 lortab 5 per day to Neurostimulation. I told him the Lortab was not helping the pain at all and asked about putting me on a LA pain medication or the Durgesic Patch, he said I would have to get up totaking 8 lortab a day before he would give me an RX for the Durgesic, because he said the Durgesic 25mcg was like taking 11 to 12 Lortab per day and if he started me on it now it would really make me sick, so he said with my condition of having low back pain and pain that goes into my hip and down my leg from a pinched nerve that this Neurostimulation would be something to consider, he gave me a book on it and told me when I come back in 4 weeks that I would have to decide if I want to do the trial or not. I have been having back pain since 1997 and have been on Lortab, Percocet, Fiorinal #3, Tylenol #3, Ultram amoung others and I am SO TIRED of this back pain, I just want it controled so I can go back to work and college, so if anyone can give me anymore information that would be great....