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Thank you so much for that plethora of information! I truly truly appreciate it. Well, to tell you about my back pain, so far as the doctor's told me, I have DDD in L4/L5 with an annular tear and I'm only 20. I've been dealing with the pain for three years now. I have no knowledge of any accident so perhaps I may have lifted something too heavy one day (I'm real small, 4'10" and 93lbs) so perhaps that. The majority of my main is in my back, though about three times a week I get the sciatic pain that goes down my hamstring to the side of my left calf. On bad pain days I get the same symptoms in both legs. Whenever I shower my left foot goes numb down the side of it. I just feel like it gets progressively worse as the hospital takes their time dealing with me and I'm sure it does. I started out just taking tylenol and stuff like that on the instruction of my NP. Then, when the pain started getting worse, I put a request to see and MD who then referred me to a physiatrist. There he ordered an MRI and came up with the DDD. So, since then I've been taking mostly vicodin but did try oxycontin and methadone. My body did not like oxycontin and methadone so I discontinued those and requested to be on anything else. So, the doctor put me back on vicodin twice a day which was all I needed. I worry though for taking viciodin for a full month and a half that it may cause liver damage but I'm more concerned about my back first so on with the vicodin I took. Eventually the physiatrist referred me to PM. There, I received one epidural steroid injection with absolutely no relief. Just this last Tuesday they did the MBB and I had about 5 hours of relief. I haven't felt that great in three years! I never had 5 hours of relief at any point in time. The only downside with feeling no pain in my back was that I also couldn't feel my legs. Maybe it balanced out in some sort of weird way. I was impressed with the MBB as I had about 90% relief for 5 hours and the pain did come back later on that day. I worry about the radiofrequency nerve lesioning (that's what my hospital calls it) because isn't that only masking the pain? If I have DDD in my lumbar spine then what good is it going to do to block the pain receptors? I would think that it would allow me to injure myself more but I am no doctor. One could also say that maybe it will buy me time that I can pursue some other form of treatment. I don't know what their plans are for me. I suspect since my age that they aren't going to do some major surgery. I would have entertained the idea of a Micro-D however I don't know how severe my problem actually is. It must be pretty bad if it's affecting my nerves. I hope I answered your question! Thank you again for responding to me! -Anita