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Try not to worry too much - much easier said than done!

I had ACDF of C5-6 on Feb. 2, 2004 (almost my one year anniversary!). My experience was - the surgery lasted 1/2 hour and I was out of hospital 18 hours after surgery. Had some trouble with bad nausea and vomiting for about 48 hours from the anesthesia but that was the worst of it. No sore throat, no trouble talking and very little pain. My surgeon said to take Tylenol for the pain but since I wasn't keeping anything down anyway, I did without. Anyway, I had no collar. Did have a plate and have fused fine. I did develop pretty severe muscle spasms in my upper back and shoulders a few weeks after surgery that flared up off and on for a good six months but it was nothing like presurgical pain. Physical therapy helped. For the past three months I have been pain free!!

You'll find everyone's experiences here vary tremendously as their injuries differ and bodies heal differently. A good outcome is a strong possibiliity, but be prepared for a long process and don't expect too much too quickly.