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Hey BG, I can tell you what Talwyn is, Are you in canada,? The differences in name may simpply be the difference between countries. Talacen/Talwyn in the US was widely abused by IV users back in the 70's, It was actually mixed with a stmulant that was readily available to create a speedball. Up and down combination for those that like to sit and drool.LOL

Anyway, In the US it was such a problem and Talwyn is so easily converted into injectable material, the FDA said something has to be done. So that some thing was a little bit of Nalaxone mixed in with each capsule, now called Talwyn NX, Not enough to interfere with the anelgesic action if swallowed as it should be , but enough of the potent opiate antagonist to make the injection brew useless.
Naloxone is the same thing as "Narcan" a potent opiate antagonist that will snap an Over-dose out of a coma in a heart beat. It blocks and purges opiate receptors.

If you are outside the US you may still be able to get plain "PENTAZOCINE" which is the synthetic opiate similar in strenght to DiHydrocodone depending on the amount you take.
The Talwyn NX in the states is relatively week and with the naltrexone in it, it's just not used very often anymore. The strength it comes in would compare more to dosages of tylenol and codeine, 60 or so mgs of codeine per dose. If your In Canada, You may be getting the plain Pantazocine which is a potent opiate without the naltrexone. Similar to pure Hydrocodone but easily turned injectable without the apap in it.

It's a drug that most opiate dependent chronic pain patients should try to avoid. Other combination opiate antagonist would be like Nubain used in hospitals during deliver all the time. Stadol NS, a very potent nasal spray containing "Butorphanol tartrate, a synthetically derived opioid agonist-antagonist analgesic. All of which could cause potential withdrawal in an dependent patient.

The antagonist part basically puts a cap on the ceiling a mixed agonist/antagonists has, as far as pain relief and possible euphoria. Although stadol is quite potent and often very efffective for migraines it could potentially send an opiate dependent patient into withdrawal. Some of the new drugs coming out like Subutex are also mixed agonist/antagonist to prevent diversion and increase their effectiveness in a particular way. But still limited by the antagonist.

When I first read Tolacan, I was thinking you mis spelled Tolectin, an old NSAID but if you found info linking it to Talwyn, it's a combination opiate agonist /antagonist wtith the Naltrexone and a fairly strong pain killer without the naltrexone and without a ceiling created by the antagonist.
Talwyn NX binds to some receptors and blocks others that cause respirory sedation and euphoria.

Be cautious with your first dose if you have been on opiates for a while, start with as little as possible and see how you respond. It's fallen so out of use, that all docs wouldn't be familiar with the stuff.

I hope this is a sign surgery went well and your feeling better and ready to step down on the pain meds, that would be great, How are you doing ?
Hope your doing well