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Hi - I just registered with this site. I've had chronic low back pain for over 2 years and was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction. I was on Vicodin but was worried about too much Tylenol and I wasn't getting enough relief. My doctor put me on Duragesic which works good, but doesn't last the 3 days. She recently referred me to a pain management clinic as she thought I could get therapy and medication for break-through pain. I went to the appointment and was a bit shocked; the PM doctor agreed that I did have SI joint dysfunction, but said I should not be on Duragesic and he would not prescribe anything for BT pain. He said I was "too young" and would get addicted! He wants to do a SI joint injection, which I have had before and only helps temporarily, and he didn't mention therapy. This is a large, well-known hospital with a PM program that is rated very high. I told my doctor what he had said and she was shocked. When the patch wears off, the pain gets horrible. Sitting for prolonged periods, standing, lifting, etc. all makes the pain worse. Unfortunately my job requires me to sit for about 90% of the time which increases the pain. I don't know where else to go, most doctors seem to be very against narcotic use for chronic pain. This PM doctor also said it would be different if I was 80 instead of 42, then he would prescribe something for BT pain! It's very frustrating since I was always an active person, and now with this pain there's not too much I can do. My doctor did mention that she could possibly switch me from Duragesic to Oxycontin, but I have never had Oxy and I have heard it doesn't last 12 hrs just like the patch doesn't last 3 days. If anyone can offer any information it would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about switching to Oxy but would like info from someone who has been on it - such as how well it works, how long it will last, if it's better/worse/etc. than Duragesic.