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We need to chat more. You used to work in a chemistry lab?? I work in a hematology/flow cytometry laboratory!

I am interested in trying the zanaflex. I am going to give it a few days with the EPI and see what happens first, but your comments are encouraging to me. Thank you!

The EPI did not go as well as planned. The ball got dropped by the person who scheduled the injection and she put me in on a day when no sedation was available. Well My last one was rough with sedation so I was not happy. I didn't want to reschedule so I bit the bullet. My concerns are not as much with pain as they are with the fact taht I can't lay on a bed on my stomach and stretch my left leg all the way out. I also have my left arm tucked under me because of range of motion issues. I was afraid that I would get uncomfortable and maybe start to spasm or cramp. He did a good job and was in and out in about 10 minutes. I was thankful for that. apparently this clerk screwed up a couple other patients as well with the sedation issue.
I took it up with administration and the doctor and the administrator said it would be looked into immediately. But with no sedation I have to endure the pain that comes after the injection. I have been doing the tylenol and naprosin, but the whole day stressed me to a migraine. So I am dealing with that too. I have to work in the morning which also sucks!
But I am the energizer bunny and I keep going and going.......I will suck it up and bounce back. I usually do. Thanks for asking about me, it is most appreciated! This board has a lot of really great people! I have gotten many encouraging comments and helpful advice from several people! So those reading this post......YOU ROCK!