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Hi Mel.Norco is just the name of another hydrocodone preperation.It does however have a much lower amount of tylenol than the other preps,10/325.i will let shore handle your other question as he knows much more than i do about.marcia
Norco is a hydrocodone and tylenol product like lortab or vicodin, the only difference is the norco has less tyelenol than any other hydro product. Norco comes in 10/325, 7.5/325 and 5/325 The only difference between a Norco and a Vicodin is the amount of tylenol in each pill allows a higher dose of hydrocodone to be given due to the low amount of tylenol.

The max amount of tylenol anyone should take per dose is 1000mgs, the max amount per day is 4000 mgs, exceeding these doses or combining with alcohol can damage your liver. If you take tapap on a daily basis, as in a way to manage chronic pain, you should cut those max numbers in half when used for a prolonged perriod of time. However short acting meds should not be used for a prolonged period of time or you need to have your liver functions tested on a fairly regaular basis.

I say they shouldn't be used for a prolonged perriod, but I'm aware that many CP patients get by with Norco for several years before either discontinuing it or stepping up to a long acting pure opiate like Oxycontin, MSContin or Duragesic patches etc..But if your taking say 2 norco every 4 hours around the clock, there are certainly better ways to manage pain without the tylenol and risk to your liver.

Pure opiates do no internal organ damage where Tylenol and OTC pain relievers still kill about 17,000 people each year from liver and kidney damage or gastric bleads. A lot more people die from tylenol each year than have ever died from OxyContin, as bad as the press may make OxyContin sound.

The LA meds aren't for everyone and not everyone gets the benefit of improved function. When the meds hinder more than they help, you have to reasess the value of treatment with opiates either Long Acting or short acting.
Good luck, Dave

Norco is made by Watson Pharma and the full prescribing info can be found at their web site, but it's the same as any hydro product, just less apap. It's also available as a generic. It's simply a 10/325 ,7.5/325 or 5/325 hydro product and still a class 111 med without the rules and restrictions of all the LA opiates which are class 11 meds.
My Vicodin came in 325 and higher of Tylenol too as well as the Percocets. So, I don't see a difference-my actual thoughts revolved around the coming off hydrocodone and going to demerol-I know the difference where tylenol is concerned, but they are both in the same drug group. I am actually more aware of meds as nursing major and having worked in the field for six years so I know a bit about meds, just not in depth stuff. I was moved to Percocet 10/325 from 5/325 b/c of the Tylenol issue and using for long term. I appreciate the info.