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I just can't win for losing!! The newest installment in this drug/medicne controversey that seems to be engulfing my life is a doozy!!

Now that I cannot get my usual OxcyC because of ins and no money AND now that my doc has switched me to Avinza which is morphine sulfate 24hr extended release,,, WELL now the rehab counselors are officially accusing me of illegal drug use.

I have to submit to the second urinalysis in less than 30 days (the first one was of course neg.) They also are having children services interview not only my current doc but the new set of docs that I will be seeing.!!!

I guess I"m not supposed to be taking any narcotic meds for my problem.

Now with an official allegation (whether proven or not) against me I will have a HE#@ of a hard time getting ANY relief from pain.

No one in my remaining family realizes how mad, hurt and singled out I feel or why. Everyday I have to deal with the bias against the disabled. (and its out there) Now I have to jump through hoops to justify my taking the meds that I am perscribed!!!

It's not like I really need them or anything (sarcasm!!) I only have bulging discs L3-L5, herniation at L5-S1, lower lumbar lordosis and spinal stenosis. But HEY I could just take Tylenol for that right?(LOL)

Sorry about sounding off like this but I am to the point where the tears won't stop. This is a side effect of coming off the OxcyC and its really messing with the depression I already have.

It's like, why bother anymore. But then when i think that I realize that no answer lies that way.

I just wish this would all stop. I never thought I could hate my own child but this all started with her and I don't know how I am supposed to face her after this.

Sorry about all the rambling.