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Hi Everyone,

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I had a cyst surrounding a wisdom tooth grown in sideways that impacted my jawbone. It was removed on 12/31/2004. This left a hole in my jaw about 1/2 inch deep and 1 inch wide and required that I take hydrocodone for the severe pain. We soon found out that I had a dry socket and began daily packing and unpacking of my jawbone on 1/3/2005. I just returned from my daily packing today, 2/11/2005 and the xrays show very modest improvement, but the bone pain now only requires I take a combination of two tylenol and two advil. Especially prior to the unpacking/packing procedure.

I have researched my condition on the internet and I feel that the oral surgeon has been very thorough. I am 50 years old so I realize that my bones may heal slower than a younger person. I have had a good bone density exam two years ago, but my doctor's main concern is that I don't get a bone infection that would in turn break my jawbone.

Has anyone had this same situation and had a good outcome after so many packings (and still more to go)? Is there anything I can take (homeopathically too) that can assist in the regrowth of my bone? Thanks in advance, for any assistance you can offer.


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