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I had sx. in May, 2007. It was called a 3 phase surgery. First, The pressure on my spinal was released by removing the vertibrea that was pressing on my spinal cord. This was done from the back of my neck. Secondly, They went in from the front, separated the disks and placed a titanium plate. Thirdly, they rolled me over and went in from the back again. They placed a cadabre bone, 2 rods and 4 screws. This was done over a 3 day period. The surgery was done this way because they thought that taking the pressure off of the spine first was important due to the possibility of causing more damage to my spinal cord by the separation of the disks from the front. Anyway, It's been 3 months now and I have very little pain. Nothing that Tylenol won't help. I went into the hospital on a Monday morning and was released on Friday. The first 2 months after the surgery was very difficult but I'm glad it was done. I know I was very lucky and would probably end up in a wheelchair if I had not had the surgery.