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Well, you won't like my answer, but CIO is the way to go. My son did the exact same thing. Learned to put himself to sleep after a week of CIO and then once he learned to sit up/pull himself to a standing position we had to do it all over again. I thought it would not work the 2nd time as he'd just be able to sit right back up. But like the 1st time it only took a few nights. I was reminded by others that what else was I supposed to do. He'd be able to sit up on his own for the rest of his life, so what was I supposed to do, rock him back to sleep for the rest of his life?

You know the routine, make sure there are no other issues taking place. Give him that Tylenol and teething gel for his teeth. DO the 10-15 mniutes check in on him thing, but no picking him up! Give it a little time and he'll be back to putting himself to sleep soon!

Good luck, be strong!!