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Can you call your doctor and ask what his/her suggestion would be? That's a pretty big bump. Since he didn't lose conciousness, didn't vomit or become sleepy right after, he's probably fine and will just need to be watched. Some of things you need to watch for are if his eyes look ok (not crossed or pupils look wierd) walking ok, not staggering or balance problems, that sort of thing. But I think you would feel better having your doctor tell you what he/she thinks. I'm overly cautious when it comes head injuries no matter how small. I will usually go in every couple of hours during the night and make sure they are easily aroused. Sometimes that's hard if you have a heavy sleeper like my older boy. But they should respond to their name if you talk to them. It's tiring for both of you, but well worth it if he has a concusion.

Good luck! I hope he's ok. Maybe some Tylenol to help with the painful bump.
I hope your evening was uneventful and things are still going okay.I just wanted to mention to you and to the poster who mentioned using motrin?using ANY type of anti inflammitory after a head injury is definitely contraindicated as it induces bleeding.It contains blood thinning properties just like aspirin,only not quite as profound.you can use it after the first 24-48 hours if there are no further signs of bleeding.Tylenol would be the med of choice immediately following a head injury of any sort.Just an FYI.Hope all is well,Marcia